The Dusty Dream Hole

by Bannerman

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In June 2008, alongside drummer Alaister Deverick (The Ruby Suns), Richie Setford went into the Lab Studios with the idea of recording a double album. Over 3 days they laid down the rhythm tracks, vocals and guitars for 26 songs. Six months later Richie took the hard drive to a home studio in Kingsland for an intensive 10 days of overdubbing; playing all the instruments except for violin and horns. Songs to work up were randomly selected, dictating the final tracklisting for The Dusty Dream Hole. In the end however, only 14 of the 26 tracks were completed. June 2009 saw him back at The Lab for mixing and mastering, with Olly Harmer again in the drivers seat.

Featuring beautiful illustrations from Angela Keoghan - The Picture Garden - new album The Dusty Dream Hole is both wild and subtle and takes the listener into the far reaches of the Bannerman realm. Be prepared for folk/country ballads, searing indie guitar soundscapes and hope-filled torchsongs. The scope of the material is broad and all the better for it!

"The Dusty Dream Hole is a rich blend of fermented thoughts and ramblings – steeped in the sepia tone of faraway Americana, marching drums meld with steel slide guitar, wild horn sections entwined with laconic harmonies.

For fans of Mark Lanegan, you may have found a local hero; someone to tell you where the wild things are. Each song is handcrafted - like whittling wood on the verandah – hypnotic, humble and just a little demented. There is a beauty that threads through most songs and it is not worth mentioning individual tracks, as the album (14 songs) deserves to be treated in a good old fashioned way, start to finish."
- Brock Oliver, Yahoo!Xtra


released August 16, 2010



all rights reserved


Bannerman Berlin, Germany

Bannerman Richie Setford, Ben Anderson, Erez Frank, Magnus Bang-Olsen and Oliver Emmitt.

The music has a compelling and dynamic structure; they can be quietly dramatic, sweeping, disarming and melancholic. A sweet + sad undercurrent with enough groove to get your sway on.

They've supported Tiny Ruins, The Magic Numbers, Shovels & Rope, Anais Mitchell + Lawrence Arabia. New material in 2016.
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Track Name: Where The Shadows Are
Kicking around living life right out of a suitcase
I’ve got a bad taste, I’m off colour
Moving all over the place and they’re cursing my good name
I’m hoping the dole came, so I can get along.

And I cry, I long to lye where the shadows are made
And I moan, I long to lye where the shadows are made

Feeling the heat shine out from the face of a stranger
Could I be in danger, or is this a sign?
Tossing at night, clichés massing in my brain
‘Tomorrow’s a new day’, now where’s that one from.

Seeing the lights I might just as well be in Vegas
But I’m not in Vegas – I’m out on your lawn
I ain’t a friend of redemption, I don’t entertain it
So what’s with you saviours, why don’t you leave me alone.
Track Name: Deep In The Forest
Maybe it’s war and maybe we’ll fall and maybe that’s why our friends don’t ever call
If cornered in the dark we will always bark
Maybe our boy will be a bright spark and maybe his lip will curve in the devil’s mark
Oh well, life’s hard, but it won’t hurt him.

Maybe they’re wrong and maybe we’re right and maybe this tune will help us in the fight
Once bitten I will bite, but I’m sick right now
Maybe in you I can confide, locked in our room playing groom and bride
I miss old times when we were blind.

Stand up, as big as you are, I said stand up
You’re not getting far in those handcuffs
All rusted up like the black stuff that’s eating your brain
It’s the cancer, you imitate life like a camera
Capturing light in a jam jar and holding it up to the mirror
We’ll break it, come on!

Let’s go, can we all come.

No no, this isn’t me, I said no, no
It kind of looks like me but the head’s wrong
I’ve got bigger eyes and my hair’s long and what’s with those horns
Is it too late, but I want to change, is it too late?
I’ll eat up the sun and renounce hate
As big as I am, I can be greater, a leader of one.

Let’s go, can we all come.

What comes of wondering, what lyes in wait?
What comes from wandering, what lyes in wait?

Let’s go deeper in the dark
What lyes in wait for us?
Deeper in the forest what lyes
I’ll put a light out for you.
Track Name: Some Kind Of Man
Stop wallowing, she needs you like you need her
You’ve just got to be yourself
There’s no right time it’s just how you’re feeling now
You just need to talk it out.

Where this leads isn’t up to me, it’s in both of us
But I suppose I must take that first step to learn

Tell her thanks but I’ve got earth and worms for skin
It’s this hole I’m living in
Daylight’s dark here and there’s things that creep and crawl
Sometimes it’s no use at all

Who’s to say that these creatures won’t get the best of me
It’s a test I see, in the dark there’s a fire
Hell this is all just a fairytale to make me seem
Much more interesting than I really am, just some kind of man

Where is the good, where is the light
I want to sleep in your valley tonight.
Track Name: Glass Blowers Of The Misty Mountains
Glass blowers of the misty mountains work their cold limbs
Cattle graze oblivious, like all dumb mammals

It don’t feel like anything that’s real to me

Giant prophets full of cold ale make the room sing
Old ways and all these generations but nothing changes

It don’t look like anything that’s real to me

But I changed along the way
Something buried here, something counted there
This place still lingers today
And now the rolling clouds
Cross the mountain’s land and the people’s band
Lead the villagers in choruses and in prayers
The omens are here today like they were all those years ago.
Track Name: The Knife
Once there was a knife roaming folds of flesh like lightning
My scars improve, when I’m underneath the moon they shine.

Radiant like angels lit from behind
Warm is the knife
And slowly it reveals all it knows
No will can ever stop the knife.

I’ve seen the rage foaming as the wound lies open
And as I swoon there ain’t anything that I can do.

Caught up in the wheels as murder cries
Warm is the knife
And slowly it compels me to grow
No will can ever stop the knife.

The witching foretold pain and death
Watch the cattle take their final breath.
Track Name: Throw Your Shit Away
Well there ain’t no sense in you
Working all your days through
Just go outside the grey
There’s robots in your pathway.

They won’t move for you
No they won’t move.

Just fold your clothes and pray
The creases they will go away
Then maybe you’ll be saved
If you throw out all your things today.

You don’t need us anymore
No you don’t need us.
Track Name: Hills And Valleys
The hills and valleys are dry but it’s just that time
In a couple of weeks we’ll be planting
In summer the colours are tired but the kids still smile
There’ll be food enough for the family.

Remember when Grandmother cried, she was ‘nigh thirty five
She had just buried the first of her children
And the land opened wide as it took that child
Lying deep beside generations.

Prepare the meal good woman, help her
Come set the table my brothers, line up
When the work’s done, and the day’s gone
Come on inside my family, sit down
Come on beside the fire, gather round
When the work’s done, and the day’s gone
We’ve got each other.

They came with motor and iron, it had just gone nine
We’d had plenty of warning, they told us
And old Bill Major’s son was the first in line
He’d been promised wages ‘till August.

Our father aimed and he fired as we watched from behind
And we wept as the gun sounded empty
The tractor tore at his side and it ran down his pride
And we watched as the bank left us homeless.

Prepare the meal good woman, help her
Come set the table my brothers, line up
When the work’s done, and the day’s gone
Come on inside my family, sit down
Come on beside the fire, gather round
When the work’s done, and the day’s gone
We’ve got each other, no matter where we are.

Nobody comes ‘round here no more
‘Cause no one’s living here no more
The government has killed the soil
No one comes ‘round here no more

Nobody comes ‘round here no more
‘Cause no one’s living here no more
The government needs gold and oil
No one comes ‘round here no more.
Track Name: She Was A Mountainside
Oh she was a mountainside and I was just a herded goat
When did she become my bride, it seems so long ago
I’m not the man you used to know.

All that wasted energy, now I’m elderly with head of snow
But this coat I’ll treasure, the brace and bell were first to go
I’m not the man you used to know.

I cut the grief and the blood did bind
I cut the grief and the heat did blind
I cut the grief and the hole did shine
Oh I cut the grief from the crimson heart beneath
With the coldest blade of steel that I could find.

I got awful tired, dead, dedicated to the grind
Sick of walking backwards ignoring all the signs
I’m not the man you left behind.

Ably now I wander, there is a calling within this life
Steep is my decension, the forest floor is opening wide
I’m not the man you left behind.
Track Name: Caverns
I would raise a beast from witches’ art
I’d control the feet and you the dance
I’d create a corpse for you
I would kill the cat, the cock and the carp.

You just have to ask and then we’ll be one at last.

I’d cut off my thumbs if you would care
Cripple all the kids with ginger hair
I would shoot that cook for you
I would raise his crooked, greedy arms.

You just have to ask
‘neath the caverns I scheme and craft
In my callous and childless heart.

In the still that surrounds the dark
It gets to me and I mean to get your heart.

And when the killing’s stopped and the cowering is through
I’ll be free then to crawl in next to you.
Track Name: The Becoming
I was once, I was once like you were me
Nestled in the undercut and eaten out
Blood and bone mixes with the cortisone
I’m becoming more evolved, I’m coming out.

Is this disturbed – stop thinking just do what you’re feeling.

Both of us, both of us beyond the touch
Not of any constant love, but of this world
Here are we operating separately
Yet you’re feeling all I see, we’re more than man.

What does it mean?
Track Name: Just Another Wreck
They put a stone in the cemetery
Just another rock to see
The weight on my chest is yours
Look at the shit we caused.

We’re just another wreck in a towering fire.

We woke up as cold machines
This blood is so sugary
Felt the rat in my belly crawling
Your ghost’s inside me darling.

We’re just another wreck with not a cross in sight.

You tried to warn me but I just couldn’t stay away.
Track Name: My Quarantine
I remember when there used to be a lot of space for us both
Ah but then we got closer and that was too much
We were tight, but the heat got too much
Could’ve left it there but it was obvious we needed each other
Now I just wonder, where do you lye, in the dark?
Is it nice in the dark?

Here’s the end of our time that we spent together
I never thought you’d stay this long.

Were there any moments when we could’ve been much more than just lovers
Oh to discover, when we would cry, that the pain was the same as the lie
I never should’ve given, when you’re in it you believe in forever
Now there’s just never, look at your heart, is it light?
Is there light in your heart?

Now the crumbling plaster in my squatter’s castle
In my quarantine what does anything mean
When you’re brandishing a heart of stone.

And in those years – well all I needed was a
Light in my head – and all I wanted was
Someone to shout at me
You’re not dead!
And now I’m not going out.
Track Name: I Am Animal
This is the year of the rat and I’m full of warm blood
And the call of the cat is beautiful
There’s a world underwater and a world beneath the soil
And with all of my heart I’m an animal.

This is how I’m made, this is what I’m for
I’m an animal
I am not a slave, I am not a whore
I’m an animal
This is how I’m made, this is what I’m for
I am not a slave anymore
I’m an animal.

We like to harvest the fat and get ready for the war
And we crow and we chat and we cackle
There is life in each season and a home in every hole
And with all of my heart I’m an animal.

This is how I’m made, this is what I’m for
I’m an animal
I am not afraid, I am not a fraud
I’m an animal
This is how I’m made, this is what I’m for
I am not afraid anymore
I’m an animal.

Some are products of greed and they help create the poor
Cut from good breeding, it’s laughable
But I’m just a man child who’s pissing at your door
And with all of my heart I’m an animal.
Track Name: In A Dark Place There Is A Light
What’s that life?
What’s that life that you hide in the house?
What’s that glow?
What’s that glow that you hide in the house?
Shut the door, pull the shades
‘Cause it’s your way and it’s been this way a long time
Yeah it’s your way and it’s been this way too long.

It’s the cold
It’s the cold that I worry about
And how frail you have become
You’ve got the heart
But it’s the heart of one who’s grieving
Don’t give up
Make some room and just let go.

I can stay
I can stay until spring comes around
Clean the rooms, get the dark, weed it out
‘Cause it’s the heart
It’s the heart that has been grieving
It’s all full up
Make some room and just keep going.

(The light is on)

Well there’s a heart
But it’s a heart that has been drinking
Don’t give in
Patch it up and just keep going
It’s a heart that has been grieving
It’s all full up
You better make some room for love.

(The light is on
The light is all there is)